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How much does it cost to book a bar?

We are often asked if we charge to attend events and the usual answer is no we don’t.

What we offer are a range of options to suit your needs.

Pay Bar
This is the straight forward option. All the customers pay for their drinks. Unlike some bar providers our bar prices match those in pubs.

Free Bar
This is often a popular choice for weddings. If you choose this option you would pay for all the drinks which are provided free to all customers. If you are interested in this option we would ask you to pay a deposit based on the number of guests you expect to attend. We would invoice you for the outstanding amount after the event.

This is the option to choose if you want to provide a first free drink or two for each of your guests. We can provide you with specially designed vouchers that you can give your guests. They hand them to us and receive a free drink. We will invoice you afterwards for the cost of the drinks we serve.